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Posted by John Miller 2016-10-16

17 Oct 2016. There are simply too many issues with this game. The game stutters during game play, randomly freezes & shuts down. Some costumes are misrepresented (the Quarterback, Maid and Mariachi do not 'double your chances of finding' / the Vacationer only earns 1x banana despite upgrading to 175%). The game freezes when awarding consolations and I'd estimate I've been ripped off by at least 3,000 tokens that have not been awarded that I have won. This is all about making money and ripping off the customer. Once you've progressed well into the game collecting bananas is pointless I have 10's of millions of bananas I can't do anything with WTF. Not sure what the point of Jelly Jobs is - retrace levels you have already completed; the time required equals boring for pathetic rewards. I have stopped playing Minion Races as you can string a number of wins together only to get the message 'unable to connect to server' which resets the accumulated win streak. Another example of where I have lost 100's of tokens.

Posted by John Miller 2016-09-10

10 Sept 2016. There are simply too many issues with this game. The game stutters during game play, randomly freezes & shuts down. Some costumes are misrepresented (the Quarterback does not double your chances of finding the megaminion / the Vacationer only earns 1x banana despite upgrading to 175%). The game freezes when awarding consolations and I'd estimate I've been ripped off by at least 3,000 tokens that have not been awarded that I have won. This is all about making money and ripping off the customer. Once you've progressed well into the game collecting bananas is pointless I have 10's of millions of bananas I can't do anything with WTF. Not sure what the point of Jelly Jobs is - retrace levels you have already completed; the time required equals boring for pathetic rewards. I have stopped playing Minion Races as you can string a number of wins together only to get the message 'unable to connect to server' which resets the accumulated win streak. Another example of where I have lost 100's of tokens.

Posted by John Miller 2016-09-20

21 Sept 2016. There are simply too many issues with this game. The game stutters during game play, randomly freezes & shuts down. Some costumes are misrepresented (the Quarterback does not double your chances of finding the megaminion / the Vacationer only earns 1x banana despite upgrading to 175%). The game freezes when awarding consolations and I'd estimate I've been ripped off by at least 3,000 tokens that have not been awarded that I have won. This is all about making money and ripping off the customer. Once you've progressed well into the game collecting bananas is pointless I have 10's of millions of bananas I can't do anything with WTF. Not sure what the point of Jelly Jobs is - retrace levels you have already completed; the time required equals boring for pathetic rewards. I have stopped playing Minion Races as you can string a number of wins together only to get the message 'unable to connect to server' which resets the accumulated win streak. Another example of where I have lost 100's of tokens.

DDayPosted by 2016-09-11

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The temple run that everyone's been waiting for !Posted by John Alan TV 2016-10-07

Despicable me minion rush is the temple run everyone has been waiting for. Its constant action and filled with a variety of levels. So if i think this is the temple run that everyone has been waiting for, why did i not get this a 5 star rating? The reason i have not given it a 5 star rating is because there a constant frame rate issues. No matter what tablet you run this game on it will always filled with constant slow downs, even on tablets like the nividia shield. So if you're looking for a fun and temple

Awful Update!Posted by Meghan White 2016-09-15

I do love this game, but this new update is not making it enjoyable at all! I seriously hate when the acceleration slows down then goes back up to speed instead of being a consistent speed. Also it is glitching so bad and the random "red zone" is seriously stupid! Y'all need to fix this NOW before you start losing players. P.S. I have so many bananas and can't even use it to get anything in the shop. If we can't even use bananas, then make it to where we catch tokens in runs or let us buy with our bananas!

Minion RushPosted by Belinda MacDonald 2016-10-05

Now in Oct. 2016 and Minion Run is still the favored game with both me and my grandson▪☆▪☆☆☆☆☆▪☆● Here it is May 2016 and were still loving Minion Rush, only changes we would like to see is all of the costumes being eligable to buy WITHOUT MONEY! grandson and I both love playing this game despite the cheating in the races. Would be great if you could get more of the costumes with bananas as buying coins and putting money on the account isn't always easy but we're having fun anyway!

Nicely donePosted by Asad A 2016-09-18

Animation and various locations are good but other things still need improvement - such as high scores for example:currently for every level there is a separate highscore shouldn't there be a highscore for the whole game such as the other running games have like subway surfers, temple run, etc. - also after a new update i have to download all of the locations again what is this can't all of the downloading happen at once when we start the game.

Posted by Zainub Shehzad 2016-09-23

what the hell is this..... i use to update it but how manytimes it requiresupdating?? y ?? in start after months the game needs to update nd dat was ok.. but now each time i open game to play it requires updating almost every month.. nd 2nd thing.. no connection.. no connection is being there as a title.. wat the hell is going on.. instart when i use to play tgere wasn't any such thing like if Internet is not available i still can play but now without internet i cant plz tell me y ??so thz lose ur star...

Awful Update!Posted by Meghan White 2016-10-09

I do love this game, but this new update is not making it enjoyable at all! I seriously hate when the acceleration slows down then goes back up to speed instead of being a consistent speed. Also it is glitching so bad and the RANDOM RED ZONE IS SERIOUSLY STUPID!! Y'all need to fix this NOW before you start losing players. P.S. I have so many bananas and can't even use it to get anything in the shop. If we can't even use bananas, then make it to where we catch tokens in runs or let us buy with our bananas!

Posted by Iya Omitade Ifatoosin 2016-10-07

This game is a distraction from the stress and concentration that I have to have while not playing. And I love it,,,,,BUT here comes this "barbie and her sisters and puppies" movie ad and it completely freezes everything. Then I have to reboot. I don't want to do that every time this ad comes on. My connection is not that fast and apparently can't handle the barbie format or maybe my device just hates barbie (could be!). So today, Minion's only gets 3 stars. Ask me once barbie disappears, it will be five

Family BondingPosted by April Plew 2016-10-06

How many apps bring the entire family together? This one my friends is undisputable, and absolutely has brought family game nights to a whole new level! We use our phones and tablets to play and see who can get the most fruits and who gets the longest winning streaks. It's bringing this family closer and what could be better than that.. absolutely nothing but love for these little guys and the developers left nothing out pulling out all the stops. Congratulations on a family classic bringing us 2gether.

Forever in my tabletPosted by Mayette Ballera 2016-09-17

Hi ! This is actually her daughter Andi , I was so adicted to it ! Can not wait til next update ! I cannot believe my own eyes when I first played it! I am different from the other girls . Since I dont like Barbie ( because I hate Barbie ) I am looking for a minion game . And then I found this! Best game ever ! Telling every one to download it! Any way there are 2 things I love the most about this game ! 1. You get to fight Gru's enemies . 2. Each time there is an update there is a new costume ! Bye!

Thinking about deleting now.Posted by Susan Corbell 2016-09-19

I'm seriously considering deleting the game now. Started out tons of fun, but you can't do much now without putting in tons of money and the only people who win tournaments anymore have scores that I don't believe. They used to be a lot of fun, but now it looks like some people have figured out how to cheat and it's not even worth putting effort into playing the Special Missions anymore. I feel more and more like I'm wasting my time and I'm not going to waste anymore money, either. :(

RECOMENDEDPosted by 2016-10-16

IT IS AWESOME (sorry about caps) it is a must have game I wish I could put more than the max 5 star but 10000000000 star (its hard for other games to get replies like this from me) there is nothing I would change it is so amazing already you done a great job on this game it must have took days just to plan so I'm very thankful for making this game my bro doesn't know about it yet but I'm gunna tell him to get it p.s do you have any other games?enyway thank you!!

HiPosted by Janessa Monk 2016-10-08

just wanted to know what's up with all the glitches...not at that all that it's much of an inconvenience for ME, but it wld be if i wasn't so in~tune with the game, as i am. the screen keeps goin white, but i can still see most obstacles to dodge except for the turn that splits one way or another...but anyways, doesn't matter to me, fix it or not...but I'm sure those that don't know the game well wld appreciate it, if you did. STAY AWESOME, Despicle Me!!!!!!!

Never ending?Posted by Liam Taylor 2016-10-06

This used to be a game like Temple Run, where you dodge obstacles and get as far as possible with the highest score, but now it just seems that you can't get a high score or use power-ups because as soon as you collect the fruits your game automatically stops and you move to another level! Maybe have 2 different game modes: Challenges and fruits then just classic, infinite gameplay?

Please advisePosted by colin smith 2016-10-14

Let me say that I love this game. I enjoy the challenge and the entertainment value it provides. However, I don't feel that $100 of real money is worth fully upgrading a single perk. All that I am asking is to adjust the value of the banana or the dollar accordingly. Shout out to the dev team for fixing a majority of the bugs that infuriated me in the past! Pat yourselves on the back for me for a truly spectacular job! Best regards, Colin.

Uninstalling game, i didn't receive my rewarPosted by miko 2016-10-13

I didn't receive my reward after that 7 days event end, I finish 3 first chalanges, I was supposed to receive 8 blueprints because I finish first chalange for 2 blueprints and second and third chalange for 3 blueprint, and chalange end, I still didn't receive those blueprints. For u to not get confused, I have 8 now and supposed to receive 8 more which I didn't. I contact support 3 days ago and still didn't get the answer...adios.

I love minions and so I love this game !Posted by Meghna Mitra 2016-09-13

I love this game just because of the cute Minions. I love the fact that there is so much detailing about minions in this game. Even if I am not playing, I love to watch the cute activities of the various costumes. But yes, this game is getting harder day by day and also the crashes have not stopped. Please fix it. But seriously, all the costumes are so cute. And also the background of each and every substage is so funny and cute.

If it wasn't for my grandkids loving this gamePosted by Belinda Boeck-Caballero 2016-10-13

This last update running thru the neighborhood will not let you get past a certain score. The screen turns darker and there are red platforms like fire that kill your little guy. Wtf? The ground disappears and you can't see what's going on. The rocket stays in one spot and won't stop flying. Multi-million dollar company and you still can't get it right. This is incomprehensible. You better be glad I'm not paying for any of this.

Cool gamePosted by Elijah Sanders 2016-10-09

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Still loving this game!!!!Posted by Ruben Orellana 2016-10-06

This game keeps me plugged in and competing everyday!! I can't stop trying to better my score! I think a cool option would be the ability to combine costumes, like the baby costume for faster despicable multipliers and the dancer costume for longer power ups. Then I could get through levels faster and run for longer amounts of time!! Love it love it love it, and I can't stop playing! Will it ever end?? Love it!!

Bugs, bugs, bugsPosted by Brian Easton 2016-10-15

Maybe it's my device but the quality of this game has decreased significantly since I originally downloaded it. The special events is where I find the most bugs. Particularly annoying is how the game responds when rocket is picked up too close to an area where the rocket can't go. The bugs related to the special events make it so the event can't be finished without spending at least $5 (real money).

Inflation hits MinionsPosted by Avanish Manekar 2016-10-04

The game is getting even worse with every update. In-app purchases, retrieves everything getting costlier. Even it download a load of data even after update. Updates also doesnt have much to offer. Route is almost same in El Macho, Gru' Lab & this new one. Nothing new.. I just uninstalled the app. Sorry Gameloft team. This was supposed to be nice game but updates ruined it. Thumbs down..

New update is awfulPosted by Chris Blunn 2016-10-16

The new dark lanes have ruined the game and have clearly been added for the sole purpose of getting you to purchase coins. It's also become so glitchy and jerky that's it's impossible now to get high score s without purchasing then using coins. Disgusting really. Have played this game for over two years. It's time to pull the plug. Greed from the developers have killed this once great game.

It freezes and glitchesPosted by Sheena Perry 2016-09-13

Ok when I'm on my samsung tablet the minion is running and it doesn't matter what levels I'm playing I can be doing good but sometimes when I'm trying to swipe to the left or right, jump or slide the minion would get stuck and the minion would run into the obstacles please fix it because this is an awesome game and sometimes the game would freeze up and knock me completely out the game.

Minion rushPosted by Danelle Rotolo 2016-10-05

Ever since the update, when i do my daily gift , if i get a prize pod, and i go to items, i have to pay for pods. My gift pods are not there. I have 2 tablets, and it happens on both, so i know its not my tablets. needs to be fixed. Grandson very disappointed. Otherwise update is great. It says we have 2 silver pods,however, we cant access them. Would be a great game if this was fixed.

I have found two glitches on the pyramid levelPosted by Don Link 2016-09-10

When getting your rocket, if you are close to the end of the straight with a hill and not a turn, you hit the hill and fall through the road. Also, when coming out of the rocket, and you land on a unicorn, it doesn't allow you to hop through the bananas up the unicorn bonus. It only does one hop, and even though you hit other bananas, it drops you to the bottom of the unicorn bonus

Very Challenging -straight up - top notch!Posted by ronald williams 2016-09-11

Even though I don't complete every level of Minion Rush, I try my hardest every day to complete the hard levels I did not complete. I even try my best to win challenges, even though I have never won a Minion Rush . You need to train really hard if you really think that you're in the game ! Some people even won like literally hundreds and thousands of challenges in Minion Rush !!!!

Still badPosted by Kayjay Ooi 2016-10-10

Inclusion of red zone made advancing in jelly lab practically impossible although it has been nerfed . If you want to keep it, suggestion is make it appear only when ppl continue running after getting 3 fruits. terrible sudden deceleration & accceleration after exit power up. And old costume cost keep on going up, which is a disaster for ppl collecting tokens slowly to buy it.

Fabulous of the WonderlandPosted by 2016-09-18

I have lots of Juicy things you can win lots of good prizes and it's actually enjoy the game and I love winning prizes at the end especially the one with the fruit on his head cuz he so cute and he's funny black cherry Bob and they're just so sweet and kind to each other and they try to find each other at home to stay and I love his game because you can do whatever you want

Not for phone?Posted by Nat IsNotAmazing 2016-10-10

I have just downloaded this app after resetting my phone, and it isn't allowing me to play the phone version? Instead I have received the remote player version, which I obviously cannot play. Please rectify this as soon as possibly because I have an account with over 2M bananas and 1k tokens, as well as many props. I sincerely do not wish to lose all this. Thank you.

It's a BPosted by Jermecia Lindsey 2016-10-09

Ppl who play for free have it tough on this game. It took me about 5 missions to get 25 gru tokens. I often replay missions because I don't get 20 tokens. The achievements, about 3 each level, can only be completed once. Each achievement in the game should give at least 20 tokens each. I think we should have 3 chances to revive a minion within each mission for free.

Love this gamePosted by Aliyah Timm 2016-10-05

I love this game but I it deserves 0 (no offence) because when I try to go down slides it just says move side to side and when I try it just says the same message but I give it full five stars because before I got this bug it worked perfectly and I know what a lovely game it is and I can't load any more it keeps saying no internet connection when there is connection

Addictive But RubbishPosted by Darrin Blair 2016-10-16

I have played this game for some time and as per usual when special events are running the cheaters always win even when they are reported to the developer. Also now to add to this the game crashes when you run into something and you loose everything you have collected and you loose your life... so think I will spend my time on another less buggy pile of s...!

Excellent update!!!Posted by Cilla Holding 2016-09-08

Well done whoever had new ideas!Great new missions and great idea for collecting tokens,which makes it easier to progress in game. And the special missions are great to win power ups.Had no probs with it. only thing is collecting millions of bananas but nothing to get with them. Using these instead of some of the silly prices for items would be much better.

Wth are you to do with a million bananas???Posted by trisha sarmiento 2016-09-16

I would give this game 5 * because it's an awesome game but it gets boring because you collect and collect bananas and nothing to use them on...... They want you to use coins but it's not easy to collect the coins... maybe be able to buy coins with so many bananas even if it was like 10000 bananas to 1 coin it gives you a reason to collect... losing interest

No internet connection??????Posted by christina demello 2016-10-16

Really??????? My WiFi signal is maxed out and your app says that I have no connection. How am I supposed to finish installing this app if its not reading the internet connection? Please fix this and notify me that it was fixed and I'll come back to the game again. Until then I can't play it at all. If I'm having this issue then others probably are as well.

Good game.Posted by Bushra Moin 2016-10-14

Its really good when I played it before. But now when I installed it, it says that press any button to continue. I have a touch device which don't have such button. I tried to continue it by pressing volume button,power button,and tried a lot. But it doesn't continues, and I obviously had to uninstall it.!!! What to do now?? Please fix it.!!

Doesn't LoadPosted by Kadence Kincaid 2016-09-18

I watched my mom play it and decided I wanted to try it, but it won't load. I got past the video at the beginning, but after that it won't load. I've even waited 20 minutes, and nothing except a white screen with a little minion in the bottom right-hand corner. Please fix this because I really want to play it and I'll give it 5 stars.

Best game everPosted by Mary Moussa 2016-10-03

Thanks for making this game on the app store. I'm injoying this game becouse of the tokens, bananas and the levels. Even if there hard to win. I'll keep on playing in tell I win. What I don't like about the game is the adds. There so desterbing. Please get rid of those adds so I can not be destracted. Thankes for this incredable game

¡¡¡¡¡SON UN FRAUDE!!!!!Posted by Gallo rOO 2016-09-08

El juego está diseñado para perder los Tokens, ya sea con sus botones enormes diseñados para oprimirlos por error o los bugs del juego como revivir en un precipicio o las carreras donde siempre falla su servidor. Dichas fallas llevan mucho sin corregir, funcionan para robar tu dinero real y siempre termines comprando para avanzar.

Im so Disappointed!Posted by oliver sobredilla 2016-10-12

I download this app and even downloaded the update ingame.. I wasted almost 500mb of my data.. And ended up crushing.. The game doesn't play on my phone.. It loads and then crush.. Cant play the game even the first time.. This was the only app that doesn't work on my phone.. Disgusting, uninstall, waste of time and data. Boooooooo!

Игра интереснаяPosted by Beauty M 2016-09-18

Но в большинстве случаев когда я захожу в игру загрузка останавливается на картинке UNIVERSAL. Приходится перезагружать телефон да и не всегда помогает. Играю когда только включается(((

Amazing waw waw waw Posted by LAUDY AL AHMAR 2016-09-23

Very funny and challenging but the time of missions is too short to be completed and the challenges in the levels for help sometime are impossible to be reached like to complete 65 near miss impossible or to get over 450 obstacles also unreachable please they must be logical. But it's a wonderful game I love it. Thank you

Posted by Love you.L. 2016-09-10

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Posted by I want singer my Voice 2016-09-10

العبه كذابه تراها لعبه خطيرة بس مو بعدين تجون تقولون اني ماكنت ثادقه بتعرفون ليش اذا بس كلمتوني فا الانستغرام حسابي....:__.0701.__ صدقوني لعبه نصابةةةةة اذكروني با الخير يوم تصدقون

Posted by Jennifer Leonard 2016-09-24

This is a great game, but when you pick up Gru's Rocket, be careful. I say this because, if you happen to ride the slide while you're in Gru's Lab, and you ride the rocket while riding the slide, you'll die, I would really appreciate it if someone would fix this because I get really frustrated whenever it happens.

It's OK But...Posted by Ahsun Shayan 2016-09-10

I liked this game. When I played it first time ,It told me to download an additional file.I downloaded & played for a while.But I wanted to play it the next day .It told me to download an additional file again! Please fix it.When you'll fix this prblm I'll give it 5 stars...Neither I'll give it 0 stars!!!!!!!

Posted by carolina rivera 2016-09-14

I love it so much for fun! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your device isn't connectedPosted by Ahmad Iftekhar 2016-09-10

Even if I am connected... the game says I need to be connected to the internet and sometimes the game starts and i can play everything fine but the anti villain league stage never completes the download... it goes over and over again.... and sometimes the game just force closes... used to love the game.

Please remove the red stripPosted by Lim Zhi Wei 2016-10-15

Minion rush will be good only if developer does not show they greediness. Now the game force minion to stop after a while with red strips which is impossible to go through without additional items. I would rate to higher if this is removed and all minion are available without paying money such as beedo.

Lags very bad aPosted by Matthew Ohler 2016-10-11

Ever since i updated the game lags alot and the random red zones are stupid also I have millions of bananas and can not do anything with them I used to play this game all the time now I only play when there is a,special event and I can earn a new character and thats even slim because I dont play daily

Posted by Carla Gwatney 2016-09-21

Its ok....need to offer more options for the banannas....why do we collect them if they cant be used for anything? Also need to develop a new despicable multiplier...the only ones now are the freeze ray and mega minion...the others just help gather more useless banannas stars to increase your score

Lags on oneplus 3Posted by Pradeep Sukhwani 2016-10-07

One of my fav games everything is good but game lags on oneplus 3, previously played on moto g 2nd worked fine means no lagging issue but now bought new oneplus 3 and played graphical games like nova 3 modern combat but that doesn't lag at all but this game lags alot, gameloft guys do something!!

okPosted by Jackie Lin 2016-10-04

i will give it 5 but u need momey to buy the tokens i like how to play it but i dont want to waste my money on buying it plus i ran out of gadgets for the events and its really not that fair that people r playing it and keep winning cause they have gadgets and i dont i always come in last place

LovePosted by Emily Smith 2016-10-08

I love it so much I am giving it a five star . This game is the best game I have ever played in my life and I am only eight years old. This is the coolest game ever I love it so much but please can you make it harder it is way too easy. way way way too easy please make it harder pleeeaaase.

The best game everPosted by Jack Slye 2016-09-12

I love this game so much I could play it all day and all night download this game because you will love it so if you see this game download it and well done for making this game there is so much missions on this game and you can buy your own minion and there is very cool updates on this game

Hate the updatePosted by Justin Kattau 2016-09-16

They've added a button on the start of a run to get ___ x 3 that comes on in the same spot as the Minion launcher so if you are late touching the Minion launcher button you've just wasted 50 gru coins in something you didn't want. Already tricked me out of 100! Very deceitful and annoying.

So many glitches with this updatePosted by robin youd 2016-10-07

Not only is there the running through the clouds after riding lawnmower but just got the rocket which failed to end once the timer was up. Couldn't tilt to move or anything. I did come across another glitch as well but can't remember that one as it only happened once. Still a great game tho

Minion rushPosted by Danelle Rotolo 2016-09-18

Ever since the update, when i do my daily gift , if i get a prize pod, and i go to items, i have to pay for pods. My gift pods are not there. I have 2 tablets, and it happens on both, so i know its not my tablets. needs to be fixed. Grandson very disappointed. Otherwise update is great.

Despicabley funPosted by Jamie Butler 2016-10-04

I've had this app or game since I've had a smartphone and was able to get it on my phone and ipad so thanks for continuing to make it better every time it updates I play it my 3 kids play it it's a competition between us thanks again. Still playing after 3yrs. Love the new updates.

Bad practicesPosted by Lauren C 2016-10-05

I like the game but your practices are bad. You should prompt to make sure before accepting token purchases and you really need to fix how the minion launcher option only comes up for about a second then turns to a 50 token "every meter counted 3x" which can't be undone! Robbery.

I Love this game...BUT!!! >:CPosted by Hailey's Commentary 2016-10-08


How its fever lovePosted by Eranio Pantinople 2016-10-08

I loved the game of running like this and so much fun and the prizes were interesting, but not all times i play this game because i would never waste my time for this because of education, but i do love the prizes, everything in this game are great and fun fever time works.

Nice gamePosted by Azrael Syed 2016-09-17

It is an Ok game it wasn't the best but ,it was just Ok. The thing that I disliked allot was that it takes literally an eternity! Well.... maybe not that long but it does take a loooong time to load in. P.S.- ( hope that wasn't offensive to the makers of this good game ).

Not great, but AWSOMEPosted by Lela Celaj 2016-10-12

I love how its challenging and can be a amazing strategy when at the challenging patrs. I also like how my minions alwaysndo some funny and dumb stuff at the same time! If you guys dont have this downloaded.... download it. My tablet wouldnt be a tablet without this game

LOVE INSTALL THISPosted by Shannon Pumpkin 2016-09-09

Heather Connor and me have this game it tkes after the movie it is funny and cute and it has no bugs I like how you can race other people and win prizes at the same time I also love the costumes and I love the mini games and the PX41 serum also the gadgets in the races.

Unnecessarily DifficultPosted by Marvin Reed 2016-09-18

I thought you wanted kids to be able to play? Why is the game so difficult for no obvious reason? And to echo what most others have said, why are so many in-app purchases required to get needed items? You should make acquiring most items free if you play long enough.

Posted by Nikola Nechev 2016-10-12

I have watched all the minion movies, I have minion cards etc. ... And finally I found something that was missing. A game. The best game ever. Not like the parodies like ,, Minion Car Race " or something like that. This is an original game like it's supposed to be.

Much betterPosted by Frank McCormick 2016-10-04

The last several updates have improved the gameplay! If you miss a limited or bonus item it will show up again if you keep running. Gameplay also does not require as many coins although you still cannot continue running after you complete the goal for that level.

Worst Game everPosted by Maria Hernaez 2016-10-10

This game is so hard to play I hate the races because always the minions always win and I always end up in second and third I hate this game please upgrade it to the newest game and fix the races and the minions and please let the prices on the gadgets be cheaper

AmazingPosted by Mione H 2016-09-09

this game beat any other game I've ever played this game is amazing I don't know if you guys have played it yet but you really should because it's so addicting and I love it it's amazing seriously you really should get it it does take Wi-Fi but it's awesome

Posted by Angie Stein 2016-09-14

Its a fun way to pass some time. Not much use for bananas after a certain point. Id like to be able to use bananas for revives or extra power ups. Ive been playing for a year or so, have over a million bananas and no way to use them. Im losing interest.

Posted by Heather Fox 2016-09-09

They need a pop up "Are you sure" for using tokens. I accidentally hit refill transporter energy button on special missions and lost 150 tokens! Grrr this is the second time I've wasted tokens! Also I can't get the update button. All it says is OPEN!

Posted by Eric Aamodt 2016-09-19

Game is very dependant on spending actual cash to make real progression. If you do spend money on it and then make a mistake, the bonus you just paid for will go away and your money will have been wasted. I really expected a better game experience.

ProblemPosted by shyr joi mailon 2016-09-22

Hi may i ask something im kinda stuck in the page where you should press a button or something i tried it on the screen on my home,back,sounds and even power button but nothing is happening..i really want to play this game so pleass help..thanks. ☺

CoolPosted by Martha Ruwodo 2016-10-08

Great graphics and the game is great but the special missions should be longer or easier and you always have to give away bananas just to get equipment for races. Also they have to many updates which don't do anything apart from take up your storage.

Why did you change the whole game?Posted by Unicorn One Lover Thanks 2016-10-07

I used to play the original game and then the levels with jam came along and eliminated normally running like in subway surfers. And then the whole game became a mess and I deleted the game. I know that you won't do anything about it but I'm annoyed.

Great game but some problemsPosted by 2016-10-06

I love this game but it's extremely frustrating that I have to download the contents of the areas that I have already completed time and time again. Especially when there are special missions etc! There are also a few glitches in the game. Please fix

Fantastic GraphicsPosted by Darlene Hatton 2016-10-04

My kids got me hooked on this game. They told me it would be great to get rid of stress after having a bad day. They love to watch new play now. Bc they say I get so into the game. Don't worry they play to their 11 JZ, JAZZY 8 and Jonah almost 3 ☺

Very funPosted by Squishy s 2016-10-13

This game is so fun. I play it a lot and have a good time, but I think it would be a lot more enjoyable if the other minions didn't cost real money. And they're expensive. So, please, lower them down. Overall, I like this game and you should get it.

Love it!Posted by Luci Martin-Perry 2016-09-23

Great way to pass the time when you're in a hurry up & wait situation or need to unwind. Especially like the special missions that come out periodically & last for several weeks. Don't like that it continues to crash at crucial moments...

Ridiculously addictivePosted by Carrie Delutis 2016-09-23

My son and I get caught up in reaching the next level, achieving the next goal, and collecting all the fruit. No matter how frustrated we get. Sometimes the game glitches, causing you to lose. This can be pretty annoying, but still lots of fun.

costs real $$$ if you want to advancePosted by DiSu BiAn 2016-10-15

Will never give 5 stars until bananas can buy tokens. I have MILLIONS of bananas and nothing to buy with them. WISH BANANAS COULD BUY TOKENS because that's the only real way to get ahead. new versions offer ways to gain tokens, but not enough.

Posted by Charletta Lay 2016-10-15

I love the game, it gives your brain something to think about. I will love the game more, if i can switch out the bananas for tokens. I have more bananas in my account then anything. Just a suggestion, maybe a 1000 bananas for 1 tokens each.

The newer updates suckPosted by Golden Spoom 2016-10-10

I am a big fan of the minions and I loved this game! However there are no more objectives which give you cool rewards. Instead we have a stupid jelly lab. Not only that but the 2 new minions are 20 DOLLARS!! Over all that the game is great

Good butPosted by amelia Ponder 2016-09-20

When I would jump it would freeze then I would die. It didn't do it on any other games, just despicable me. But over all it is really fun and addictive. I would recommend this game to people who are into Temple Run or Subway Surfers.

I like it'sPosted by emoji girl 2016-10-07

Cind of mad well not mad I had enough of ads on this now come on I know every game has ads but when u start the game an ad starts an went you are about to play an ad now come on plz fix this then I will give it 5 stars thank you

Best minions everPosted by Davon Reed 2016-10-16

You may know gro's little yellow and funny friends called the minions. In this game and epic adventures it takes you all. Through despicable me, despicable 2, and most of all the minions. So great best minion game ever created.

Funniest "run" game I've played - so farPosted by Carol Sutherland 2016-10-05

I'm only on level 3, but this game is a blast - murderish, mayhem, and endurance is the mix. Sometimes it takes time to load, but it's worth it. I'm 55yo and liking video games again! Now on level 15 and still having a blast!

What happened?Posted by Brandy Lynn 2016-09-12

I loved the game, but once lost everything due to an update. Never recovered my earned time, rewards, etc. Gave up the game. However, my children enjoy playing the game on their own device, so I figure 3 stars is fair.

Game changePosted by Ciprian Trifan 2016-10-04

It's a nice and adictive game but what enoyes me is that it's starts to be more and more difficult just that you put more and more money in it...Please Don't do that. Play to long this game just to stop now .Don't be greedy

Excellent gamePosted by cody fillier 2016-10-10

Very good game. Lots of fun. Good for the kids. I may not have any kids but I'd like to think I do. In fact I'm trying to teach my dog how to play. My cat is already pro. Keep on doin what your doin. My pets and I love it.

No longer able to usePosted by dawn randall 2016-09-23

I'm getting the same message as others, now unable to play the game as I'm in an update loop. Been playing this game for years. So frustrating after the amount of time I've spent on playing. This is such a disappointment.

Love itPosted by Ruben Santeyan 2016-09-08

Good game they should make a game about minions and how they meat GRU its a good movie and it might be a game so please make a minions game and make scarlet over kill she is so evil and say bug boss like the minons say

Too much extra unnesscary stuff.Posted by Adrian Romello 2016-09-23

Too much events going on at once. Too much in game ads to purchase unlockables with cash only. Too much levels. Too much characters. Too much. If your looking for a good minion game: Minions Paridise by ELECTRONIC ARTS

Stopped Working.Posted by Gourav Mutneja 2016-09-16

The game has stopped working on my phone.It says the game needs additional data to download. When i turn my mobile data on,it shows internet connection not available.I tried it on wifi but the same problem. please fix.

FunPosted by Sidrah Shariq 2016-09-14

This is the best's graphic are nice and the tracks and ways are different that's good.I hope everyone should play this game.I like this game very much then other games.Awesome and best game ever, ever and ever.

Installing new content takes like more than an hour..every time i start with this gamePosted by Shikha Sinha 2016-09-23

Installing new content takes like more than an hour (even if i don't want to, i have to wait for so long)..every time i start with this game... Plus repetitive stages.. Just the target increases makes me lose interest

Wonderful!Posted by Cristian Dumitrescu 2016-09-15

It starts to download (nobody knows what), keeps this state for a while (1/2 hour) then warns you about missing the internet connection (even if its untrue) and then ...keeps its state! No other option! well done!!!!

TAKE OUT THE RED ZONE!Posted by I Heart Rangers 2016-10-09

I hate this part of the game! The game was awesome and then you buffoons put in some kind of parkour area with obstacles everywhere and gray panels with red "X"'s! Take this Zone out and I will rate this game 5 stars!

AwesomePosted by Peter Chappell 2016-10-10

Plenty challenges and friends challenges keeps you entertained for hours! Well worth playing! Need enough memory and at least 2 to 4 gig RAM to play a fluid game and strong internet signal! Runs smoothly! Well done!

How much I love this gamePosted by 2016-10-06

I like this game so much is such a cool game but like sometimes the levels are too hard to beat so that's what it was annoying cuz I played on my mom's phone but it was so fun this is even better on my own phone.

Love it but there's one problemPosted by Adolfo Can 2016-09-22

I love this game it's been #1 app i ever have I get some tokens and bananas I will never uninstall the app,but the problem is all of you people don't let me win some challenges all of you people are mean to me.

Too busyPosted by Mamashansbook 2016-10-16

I used to love this game when it first came out but now there's just so much stuff going on. All these levels and challenges, I really miss the streamlined older versions where I could just run and run and run.

AmazingPosted by 2016-10-11

I love this app! It's better than subway suffuses because it's fast straight away and it's minions. Nothing beats minions. It's just a bit slow for me. Apart from that I love this app. And I gave ALOT of apps

Too expensive.Posted by Kyle Krikorian 2016-10-13

If you want a new character you are going to have to cough up a few bucks. There is really no point on playing the game if you want to win. But if you want to play it as a time waster it would be an okay game.

This is one of the best game ever! I wish I can rate you with five more stars! ★★★★★Posted by Dazel Isaacs 2016-09-17

Nice job Despicable Me! I really enjoy this new update and your game! Continue doing the great job too bad I can't support you. If only I had a credit card. Nice job guys and continued being Despicable! ;)

Ijk246 CUPCAKESPosted by 2016-10-05

You should totally play Minion Rush it is so much fun. You can play in races and win so much cool stuff. There are different types of prize pods to get. So if I were you I were you I would get this game.

Cant playPosted by Alicia Brown 2016-09-10

There are so many thing you have to turn off and change permissions for I tried to do all of it and it just keep saying I have to change the permissions after a few tries I gave up and deleted the game

TrollPosted by Fred Barkley 2016-10-12

Each update is just a new way for Gameloft to troll more tokens out of you. races and contests can be fun BUT it's always who spends the most tokens wins. Level 813 ps crash, lag, freeze, glitch...

Despicable Me rushPosted by Sherry Murray 2016-09-22

Been great fun to play, but now it keeps asking for an update and when I try to update it takes me to the play store and only asks to open or uninstall. Constant updates is about the only downside.

GreatPosted by 2016-10-12

Only bad thing is that sometimes it lets you on without WiFi but then suddenly it will stop ✋ and it doesn't work. Apart from that it is a very good game and I would really recommend it to anyone

Gameloft <3Posted by Karol bia 2016-09-22

Hi,Guys! I really love this game but every month : UPDATE! I really don't agree with the updates,so please stop updating the game every month! You can update it every year,it will be much better!!

Love the app :-)Posted by Jaime Guzman 2016-10-17

This game is lots of fun. My grandbaby loves to play with my phone (Galaxy S 5) & this is one of her favorite games to play & now she got me playing it too lol! I recommend it to anybody.

BANANA!!!!!!!!!!!???Posted by anisha shamim 2016-10-14

Wow This Is The Best Game Ever!!!! Like I've ever. Downloaded Whoa I Unlocked the nacho hat minion & he is soo cute wow Gameloft Your Games Are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

SPECIAL mission errorsPosted by Larissa Thomas 2016-10-09

I did not receive my maid costume..and it says I get 550 coins or whatever those things 300...this game cheat you out of your stuff...I want my maid costume from the special mission

Super FunPosted by Fantage sophiasophie5 2016-09-09

This game is super fun as I can play at the obstacles given at the game! This is why I gave this game a rate of five stars. Keep on improving! I am counting on you, Despicable Me! Keep it up!

What the ...........!!Posted by Uday Kumar Roy 2016-09-16

I'm REALLY fond of minions nd so I installed this game today. But what a mess!! I couldn't even play it for once. It takes hours to load [it was written 'updating' tho] . please . fix . it.

Minion rushPosted by Niky Lacroix 2016-10-08

Was fun for a while but now it,s getting to be a pain to try over and over to get to the other level always asking for more and more ,it get to fast and to expensive ,so I am uninstalling it

Posted by 2016-09-13

I absolutely love it ,and it's very addictive ,it's the best game ever I recommend it to all people that didn't download this game ,thank you so much for this game it's my favorite game ever

Posted by Deepak Pandey 2016-09-23

I check daily for an update but it's today shows to my mobile update available but after update checking the last update it's shown 19/09 . Please don't release the update at an same date

It was a gamePosted by lincay avi 2016-10-07

New update always fails.... 1st update was perfect n addictive ever... its been 3 years i had uninstall dis game... if u wnt me to download again plzzz recover dis vit previous 1st update

Despicably mePosted by Barry Marsh 2016-10-04

Good fun game and easy to pick up but after a while all the bananas are worthless. Have over 6.5 million and cant do anything with them. Should be able to exchange the bananas for coins.

Pop up errorPosted by dawn gatewood 2016-10-09

When ever I load it, those ads for Barbie come up. The problem is the ad won't load and leave me in a black screen where I can't do anything. Please either fix it or just remove the ad.

AddictivePosted by niya washington 2016-09-22

U always find someone who says the game is addictive so I'm going to say it and see how many views or likes I get overall it's a awesome game but u need wifi to play if your in the car

UselessPosted by nandita singhal 2016-09-09

It does not detect my device's internet connection and hence not able to download additional data req. To play the game....not even able to play it once since the time I downloaded it

Posted by 2016-09-17

Me: I have over 1 million bananas and nothing to spend it on. Gameloft: sorry, can't hear you over the sound of all the things in the game that we want you to pay real life money for.

Posted by Kyle Growcott 2016-09-23

Sooooooooòooòooooooooooooooooooooooo9o9o99999ooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good I could aleays play on this game every single day and all night. Is there a game called despicable 2?

Old and newPosted by T Booker 2016-10-09

I've been playing for a while. I like the new set up, where each mission is spelled out to move to next level. However, I miss the old setup in which everything was easily accessible.

So much BetterPosted by April Morris 2016-10-08

This game is so much better than subway surfers! It has so many more features than subway surfers. I totally recommend it. This is the best running game there is! You have to get it.

New Device, Have to Start Over!Posted by Jamie Black 2016-09-10

I just got a new phone and am really disappointed that I am not able to connect to my account and restore the progress made on my old phone. I will probably just uninstall the game.

I like its movie tooPosted by Raaz Niraula 2016-10-14

Movie Despicable Me is very much funny where minions makes us to laugh I have saw this movie 16 to 27 times it is so funny as like as its movie this game is also very funny hahahaha

Posted by Samrat Chakraborty 2016-09-22

There are too many glitches now in the game. Making the game hard just to make players spend more money in buying stuff, ain't the right attitude. Spirit of the game is being lost.

Despicable me !!!Posted by David Chatham 2016-10-08

This is such a great game, it really passes the time, and its fun to boot!!!! I first started playing it on Windows 8.1 and I found it on Android and I love it on both platforms!!!

crashing!Posted by J Mae Gomez 2016-09-18

I just installed it and it always freezes, everytime I open it freezes. pls notice this and fix it. I have this game on my old phone and I love it. I want to play this game again.

So fun!Posted by doge is AWESOME 2016-09-17

Its so fun and addicting! Its like temple run but better! Its really great! It even has great graphics! Although it is challenging, but i love it! Its the best running game ever!

I'm in love with this gamePosted by Gabrielle Pulchan 2016-10-14

Except one level that I can't get pass that the only thing. But this game is relaxing so if your relaxing get out phone and play this game, it does not matter if your home or not.

Not enough coin opportunitiesPosted by Andrew Koppenhauer 2016-10-09

They are a bit greedy with the coins. I am very close to actually spending real money, but something is just barely holding me back. Maybe the challenge stuff will change my mind.

Best game everPosted by Abby Bocker 2016-10-08

I love it! Minions are awesome (especially Bob)! You have to get it because if you don't I will find you! I got baby minion, so cute! ; ) VERY CHALLENGING ADDICTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

AmazingPosted by aaliyah love 2016-10-07

This Game is so amazing. and cool And A very creative Game Maybe you could Add more Levels when i say Levels i mean More of those like Grus level Or The town level Please add more

Posted by sada lyngdoh 2016-09-11

Whats happened to this game? Each stage is becoming repetitious n extremely tedious instead of asking us to make 450 jumps why dont you come up with different challenges instead.

CrashingPosted by LORD WISDOM 2016-10-16

It's pathetic to know that after obtained 1 million banana you can't purchase anything meaningful with it. The company is only interested in your real cash, what a waste of time

worstPosted by Muhammad Najmi 2016-09-14

it's okay for two days but when i open this game for third day i can't play because it say no internet connection to download more file but i download it before. please fix this

Very dirty GGG HD dg CDC of RaviPosted by sanjeev kumar 2016-09-12

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New ads are annoyingPosted by Aurelia Tate 2016-10-13

There is no place to exit out of the ads. I understand that you have to have ads to pay for the game but you need to be able to exit out of them so you can get back to the game.

POKEMAN GO !!Posted by Heather Stuart 2016-09-08

EXCELLENT !! It's better to walk then to sit down and gane Los of pounds. . And you don't have any respect answering any buddy on here,, end of story !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Latest updatePosted by Malani Stone 2016-10-04

The game became extremely tricky and goals too difficult to attain. Still really great and creative but tasks too difficult to complete without spending a vast amount of money.

Posted by J Hoyt 2016-09-17

I have a ton of bananas but too few coins. I wish I could buy coins with bananas because there are tasks I can't do unless I have enough coins. Please do something about this.

Update!!Posted by Kimberley Dowling 2016-09-21

Once again i haven't got the update for the special mission but my nephew does on his tablet which i don't understand. Please fix it so that i can get the update as wel please

Cant even playPosted by Harsh Khapre 2016-09-19

I have a quad core max prosessor phone but still hanging in all frames ! Fix this i wanna play this game this game is running smoothly in windows Lappy !! plz fix it ! Thanks

Great gamePosted by Head Richard 2016-09-23

Love this game great way to pass time when nothing to do. Aside from the energy part which wasn't always there, way to conform guys, would've been five stars if it was kept og

Its good but...Posted by Laura Pelaka 2016-10-16

There are some gliches like when i buy some thing it does not let me use the thing and every time my enrgy has 1 more left it says that i have none so please can yos fixs this

Posted by 2016-10-14

Minions rush is where Despicable me 1 and 2 hub world and play with your favourite minions characters and get bananna to buy the minions play it now you get good at it like me

GREATPosted by rushelle duncan 2016-09-08

It's fun interactive, you feel a drive it's addictive as well when I'm playing it other persons based on just peeking over on my phone wanna play OMG best game in playstore.

Posted by Kay Straube 2016-09-22

When playing the specials example Spring and Winter my menion did not renew like they should sometimes it was over 12 hours since I played a d only had 1 menion in teleport

Posted by damon dupuis 2016-10-09

it is fun$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!

Bumped down from 5 Posted by Dannie Marie 2016-09-23

There is now a press any button screen with a remote. I'm on my phone and tablet there is no buttons. Can't play this game anymore because of this press any button screen.

Great appPosted by Nikita Coetzee 2016-09-19

Could you please check the graphics for a screen bigger than 7 inch. It blurs a bit on my 9.7 inch tab. And could you pretty pretty please bring new special mission!!!!

HxvidhkfPosted by Jurgene Washington 2016-09-17

Gzgbf fgh gg dffffffff fb deficits Guv dffffffff uhh vIn h co GUcci co chock Citrix gOoD dffffffff Ghg uhh gvvb Co ggv I x find the missing word thats what I thik it is.

I Posted by Scott Hales 2016-09-17

This is the best game and I hope you guy come out with a minions 2 and I can't wait if you do or not your awesome and thanks for letting me review your game. Mkay bey!

AwsomePosted by Nick E 2016-09-18

Awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome awsome

Fun GamePosted by Thomas Ryan 2016-09-24

Terrible bugs in this latest version. After completing the lawnmower side mission half the scenery disappears. Very disappointing. Loss of stars now. Come on Gameloft.

I Posted by 2016-09-17

This is the best game and I hope you guy come out with a minions 2 and I can't wait if you do or not your awesome and thanks for letting me review your game. Mkay bey!

GreatPosted by Gnarly Pokemon 2016-09-14

It is definitely fun, after it downloads everything. I can't wait until a new update comes out. Also, can you make it so that you can convert bananas into coins.☺☺

FunPosted by Neeka Louis 2016-09-11

I love this game. Minions is fun I would love to find the secret places easier. I found one and forgot where it was because 30 have almost the same look. Hard that is.

Minion rushPosted by 2016-10-13

I am a huge little girl who loves to play the guitar and sing to my mom and dad are you going to make another one of these minion games it was a good game of the day

FhchxjPosted by Janu Thomas 2016-09-21

Hush-hush you high sushis Abidjan to get the chance you have to be the same thing is to get tudhrdjjdcyxysurtttjhbufuftuufixugksjfjhdxtzjhcghzhxijdiicudieifhig nxjdjf

Update taking up too much spacePosted by ruby peterson 2016-09-23

I just got notified there is an update. Unfortunately I don't have sufficient storage space and it won't let me continue to play. Maybe I have reached my max limit.

Won't startPosted by Tanmay Misal 2016-09-20

I started it but it kept saying that my internet connection is not good even though it showed me that it was excellent please fix this bug so I con play with minions

Glitchy and laggyPosted by Emma Hamilton 2016-10-11

Latest update so many faults..keeps freezing mid game hence wasting my time playing!!! Can't move at some points as not recognising my finger directions. ...annoying

Posted by Anthony Ortiz Q. 2016-10-07

El juego es increíble pero debería haber un mensaje de confirmación de consumo de fichas porque Odio que por un tapeo erróneo en la pantalla me gasté mis fichas

Love ItPosted by Lori Sammons 2016-10-04

Since updates there is a new obstacle where you land on and burn, either create a new power up to get through or costume. If not get rid of obstacle. ... it sucks!!!

Posted by Luane-Anel Van Staden 2016-10-09

Love it so much I hope they make a 2,3,4,5,6.7,8.9 and 10 love it so much the day that they made this game they mustof thought about everybody in the world love it

Not installingPosted by Ganiyu Akewusola 2016-10-07

Haven't been able to install the game on my samsung galaxy s6 edge plus lately. The file downloads but doesn't install on my device. I keeo getting error code: -505

Posted by Joshua Skillett 2016-10-04

Only reason not 5 stars is that when it updated, you now have to spend real money on characters I already had, so they took them away from me. Otherwise great game.

Despicable Me. Minion rushPosted by Daud Muhammad 2016-09-20

Very cool, funny and lovely. But then the additional files downloaded after installing is stressful. It ought to have been added to the original application file.

Posted by Davena Sherman 2016-10-13

This is the best game so far for the minions it gives you the feeling that you are actually working there is really cool. It is a really funny game , I loved it

GoodPosted by Aurelia Mikayla 2016-10-03

I've already ever download this game and erase it again but i changed my mind this is good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kids are loving it! Update- Me Too! Love!Posted by Jo Co 2016-09-23

Awesome game!, they say. Keeps them occupied with different puzzles. Great car game! Update- I'm in awe and laughing hard running into things! Loving this game!

Extremely BadPosted by Breardman Z 2016-09-13

Always downloading maps and challenges, loaded almost every time. Not at all a good game, waste of time and energy. From a scale of 0-5 I'll give it 1 star...!

Funny and it buys your timePosted by Serena Scanzillo 2016-09-13

I think it is a funny games with the minions and stuff and when your bord i think you can just get your phone of tablet and just play the game great job guys.

Like itPosted by 2016-10-17

This is a good game to play for your younger siblings you only have to put your age in the age box and off you go you can start playing it it is great fun.☺

HardPosted by Aisha Fowzi 2016-10-11

It is difficult to finish some levels without tokens, and sometime errors occure and I lose the game these errors finish the game while Playing!!! LOTS OF FUN

TouchPosted by Varsha Soni 2016-09-23

Crucify Cuckfield touch touch touch ICICI Ivychurch touch bug bicycle chi ICICI Coychurch touch Meavy Cuxton zip zip zoo so so fun bin vic byng chic bunching

Bad or good my opinionPosted by Fallon Duncan 2016-10-11

I loved it challenging and funand from the first game to all the way to the last game it was fun but I finished now I need some recumended games thank you !

Posted by Miranda robinson 2016-09-14

I love this game, it hard to put it down!! After upgrading your weapons how about using your bananas to buy coins?? Or earn coins in a run like power ups? ?

Minion rushPosted by Ravi Ranjan 2016-10-17

I like this game very much and I like to defeat el macho , vector , meena and many more . I am requesting you to download this game you like this very much.

I love this gamePosted by Reese Dobek 2016-10-16

This game is so good. Once you start playing you can't stop. You will find Iout how addicting it is once you start playing.Ahhhhh! I love this game so much!

Minions rocksPosted by hola It's. A button dude! 2016-10-15

Could you change something on level 77 . I wonder if there's a powerup in level 77 . I can beat the Villanqurist today. So make that change today. Thanks !!

PLEASE READ THIS, MINION MAKERS!!!!Posted by Fernleaf of FlowerClan 2016-09-23

Good game but how do you get your tokens back if you have accidientally used them for doing something really stupid? PLEASE FIX AND I WILL GIVE MORE STARS!

DESPICABLE ME: MINION RUSH.Posted by Lauren Adams 2016-10-12


UpdatePosted by korrine marchant 2016-09-20

Every since the update I haven't been able to open my prize pods. It just shows and exclamation mark but there's no where, where i can click it or open it

OMGPosted by Carrie Braun 2016-10-06

This game is very good and the minions are adorable but some of the levels are very challenging like level 13 and the vector battles are near impossible.

UhmmPosted by Kimberly Hernandez 2016-09-14

When i downloaded it and try to open it, a stage says press any button to start but i keep pressing everywhere and its not working so three stars for it

Love itPosted by 2016-09-23

I love it it is like a dispsidicabul me version of subway surfers!it is also a time passer and I love it!!! Also it has many of levels so I love it!!!!

GreatPosted by Roland Blanthorn 2016-09-13

I love how they made the game because I love how they animated it. Also a quick question did this game come out before or after the movie despicable me

Fix the GlitchesPosted by Gigi Monroe 2016-10-08

Is been happening often that after I get a unicorn when I come back to the game it goes into a hole and it finish the game. Fix it in the next update

Screenshots & Video



Race with the Minions in the award winning and fan favorite endless runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush! Collect bananas as you jump, roll, dodge and scramble against others in fun-filled, fast-paced missions! Run as Carl, Jerry and Dave, get awesome costumes, play exciting mini-games and explore locations inspired by the Despicable Me movies!

• Run through iconic locations from the movie and discover secret areas
• Enjoy unexpected Minion moments, like becoming a MEGA-MINION and riding the FLUFFY UNICORN or GRU’S ROCKET
• Use hilarious weapons and power-ups while competing with other players in Minion Races
• Battle exclusive villains such as Vector, El Macho and the Villaintriloquist
• Experience original animations, voice-overs and state-of-the-art 3D graphics created just for the game

You can download and play this game for free. Please be informed that it also allows you to play using virtual currency, which can be acquired as you progress through the game, or by deciding to watch certain advertisements, or by paying with real money. Purchases of virtual currency using real money are performed using a credit card, or other form of payment associated with your account, and are activated when you input your Google Play account password, without the need to re-enter your credit card number or PIN.
In-app purchases can be restricted by adjusting the authentication settings within your Play Store settings (Google Play Store Home > Settings > Require authentication for purchases) and setting up a password for each purchase / Every 30 minutes or Never.
Disabling password protection may result in unauthorized purchases. We strongly encourage you to keep password protection turned on if you have children or if others could have access to your device.
This game contains advertising for Gameloft’s products or some third parties which will redirect you to a third-party site. You can disable your device’s ad identifier being used for interest-based advertising in the settings menu of your device. This option can be found in the Settings app > Accounts (Personal) > Google > Ads (Settings and Privacy) > Opt out of interest-based ads.
Certain aspects of this game will require the player to connect to the Internet.

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Despicable Me on Google Play

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